Some of you know this already, but I use a Mac at home and work on and support Windows machines at work.  If you switch between the two operating systems, like I do, you may find that you sometimes get your keyboard shortcuts confused.  This, of course, happens to me all the time.

Today, while at work on my Windows 7 machine, I selected a file and hit the space-bar expecting to see a preview of that file.  It was only at that moment I realized just how often I use that awesome feature of Leopard when I’m on my iMac at home.



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  1. How could you miss that?! I remember when Leopard came out that was one of the top-billed features. I didn’t realize just how useful it is until I finally upgraded to Leopard. Now, I use it constantly. You can even play media files (anything QuickTime recognizes) using it!

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