Food in Real Life

A website dedicated to showing the difference in advertisement photos and the actual food being advertised:

Food in Real Life

On a side note, I once worked at a certain well know fast food restaurant.  The restaurant I happened to work at was brand new and (at the time) state of the art.  That being the case, it was used to film one of the national TV commercials.  Even though someone (corporate? the marketing company? the production company? – I have no idea) offered to reimburse the location for lost revenues and payroll to close for the day, the manager decided to keep the drive through open, so we could still service customers.  So, lucky me, I got to work that day.  (Which was a pain, because the director kept insisting that we be quite when we were trying to take and assemble the orders.) You’d would be surprised how long it takes to film a 30 second commercial.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I can attest to how much time is spent preparing the food for the camera.  They brought in all of their own food (fries, buns, everything) and prepared it themselves.  Then, it was meticulously arranged.  I saw someone with a pair of tweezers arranging the fries in the little cardboard cup-thing they come in.  It was borderline surreal.

So, having witnessed that sort of thing, I always get a kick out of these types of comparisons.