New Posters

I’ve updated the Posters page to reflect some new posters that I’ve required within the past year. They are from a My Morning Jacket concert we went to last year, a poster Phish released to honor the The Clifford Ball DVD release, and an Allman Brothers Band/Widespread Panic poster from the show earlier this week. There are still several older posters that have yet to be added, though.  Maybe I should just include the rest as list at the bottom of the page?

Also, I changed the icon and graphic for the Matt Groening “Networking in Hell” poster to reflect that I sold it earlier this year.  It’s the only poster from my collection I ever sold. It wasn’t sold to a collector, but to someone whom the poster held personal meaning (I won’t say who).  If it was a collector who had contacted me, I wouldn’t have sold it (I have been contacted in the past about other posters).

Anyway, click on over and check ‘em out!