Safari Only Google Homepage?

UPDATE: It turns out Google is “bucket testing” variations on its homepage, apparently completely at random.  I guess I’m one of the lucky few to get this so far.  Read more at Tech Crunch.

This is something I’ve noticed lately, but have seen no mention of on the internet:  When I go to in Safari under Snow Leopard, all I see is the “Google” logo and the search box.  That’s it.  No buttons, no links, no nothing.  If I move the mouse, the other elements on the page then appear, but if I just type in my search and hit “Enter” it takes me to the search results.

I like this sparse design, but I only see it in Safari under Snow Leopard.  I’ve tried the latest versions of all other browsers on Windows (Windows 7), including Safari, and I get the regular old Google page.

What’s going on here?  Is anyone else seeing this new, sparse Google page?  Am I going crazy?