Whither the Bandwidth Hog

One of the biggest argument ISPs seem to use against any sort of net neutrality regulation is the “bandwidth hog”.  Analyst Benoît Felten argues against the existence this phantom threat:  Is the Bandwidth Hog a Myth?

Here’s a great quote:

For those service providers with data caps, these are usually set around 50 Gbyte and go up to 150 Gbyte a month. This is therefore a good indication of the level of bandwidth at which you start being considered a “hog”. But wait: 50 Gbyte a month is… 150 kbps average (0,15 Mbps), 150 Gbyte a month is 450 kbps on average. If you have a 10 Mbps link, that’s only 1,5 % or 4,5 % of its maximum advertised speed!

He ends the article by issuing a challenge to telcos to supply him with data that he can analyze to determine decisively whether or not these “bandwidth hogs” exist.  Let’s start taking bets on how many take him up on the offer.

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