I had been wanting to brew a Hefeweizen, and the latest issue of Brew Your Own had a Hefeweizen recipe, so after a trip to the home brew supply shop to pick up some ingredients early this week, I finally got around to brewing it today.  I strayed a bit from the recipe, changing the malt extract amounts to make it easier to purchase what I needed.  The recipe called for 4.4 pounds of liquid wheat extract and 2.2 pounds of amber.  Since the liquid malt extracts come in 3.3 pound cans, I just did 3.3 of each.  If I hadn’t done that, I would have had to buy 6.6 pounds of the wheat extract and end up having to store left-overs from both extracts.  That would have made the recipe needlessly expensive, and I hate trying to store liquid extract.

Also, the store didn’t have hallertau hops in stock, so I made a substitution there.  Also, the recipe only called for a single hop addition (the bittering hops), but since I didn’t need the entire ounce of hops I purchased for bittering, I used the remainder as a flavoring addition.

Anyway, the biggest news for this batch is that it’s the first batch that I used an aeration kit to properly aerate the wort.  I’ve gotten decent results without aeration, but I don’t think I’ve hit the target final gravity on any of the beers that I’ve done.  The last batch, which was an Imperial Brown, so it had a high starting gravity, was not even close.  (The beer still tastes good, but it’s definitely not “Imperial”.)

So, we’ll see how much of a difference this makes.  I have high hopes.  I’ll finally be able to do a Barely Wine, and other higher gravity brews, now that I have the aeration kit.  There’s no way I could have attempted any thing like that in the past.