iPad? Color me less than impressed

I found today’s unveiling of the iPad to be a little underwhelming.  It’s basically just an iPod Touch with a larger screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will sell well.  I’m sure developers will come up with some great new apps (especially games) to take advantage of the larger screen.

I just don’t see any need to rush out and get one any time soon.

Also, the iPad? Really!? (Where’s Seth and Amy when I need them?)


3 comments on “iPad? Color me less than impressed

  1. What it needs is some killer app. For the iPhone the killer app was the phone itself. The iPod Touch didn’t really make sense as something worth getting until the App Store came along. I imagine I’ll get an iPad eventually, but I’m not really seeing a compelling reason right now. I think I’m really looking for something to replace my laptop at this point (especially with the 26″ iMacs on my desks at home and work).

  2. As I think about this more, I’m beginning to realize that, yes, actually, this is really big. I’ve contemplated writing iPhone apps in the past but haven’t really had a good idea for anything to do on it. For the iPad, I’ve had thoughts flooding in like mad. Yes, it’s an iPod touch with a larger screen, but that larger screen really opens up a lot of possibilities. Consider, for example, a 2-player game where the players sit across from each other with the game between them. Heck, just do checkers or chess and it’d be cool. I also started thinking about some interesting ideas for mathematical visualization. It really is a big deal.

    • Yeah, games are gonna be huge on the thing.

      I do see the potential of it, and will likely get one eventually. Maybe it was all of the hype leading up to it that just made it underwhelming when finally introduced.

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