Moving – Part 1

In order to save on hosting costs, I’ve decided to move this blog to WordPress.  The first step was exporting the old entries from ExpressionEngine so that I could import them here.  (After, obviously, setting up an account on WordPress.)

This was not very straight forward, since there doesn’t seem to be an export option or plugin for ExpressionEngine to do this automatically.  However, following the directions here, I was able to do it with very little trouble.

There is one caveat, though, if you are trying to follow these directions.  For Step 3 it says “Click on “View” for the “index” template of the ‘export’ Template Group”, this is wrong.  In the Template Management screen I kept clicking the “View” link next to the template.  You need to go into the template itself and then click “View Rendered Template” to get this to work.

Once I figured that out, it worked like a charm.

The next step will be to forward the domain here, finally followed by moving the domain registry (just to keep things simple and all in one place).