(I don’t usually get political on this blog, so forgive me for this.)

It’s funny that I saw this article today: The Tea Partiers: Fraudulent Fiscal Conservatives, as it speaks to something I was thinking about just this morning.

With Palin and the so called “Tea Party” in the news, I was thinking about what a bunch of hypocrites these people seem to be. The thought that occurred to me was this:  They claim to be for smaller government and lower taxes.  But, I wonder if you asked any of them if they were in favor of drastic cuts in military spending and ending the wasteful and fiscally irresponsible “war on drugs”, what would they say?  I guarantee the vast majority of these people would be against those two things, even though doing either would mean smaller government and lower taxes.

I’m just glad that these people are really the lunatic fringe of the conservatives in this country, even if the main stream media is currently portraying them as the base of the Republican party.


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