Phish to Play Wrigley Field?

There’s a blurb in today’s Chicago Tribune suggesting that Phish will play at Wrigley Field this summer:

Next for Wrigley: Matthews, McCartney, Phish?

While nothing is set in stone yet, it seems likely this will easily pass through approval.  I certainly hope it does.  I think, if Phish were to play Chicago, this is where they should.  Northerly Island is too small for a Phish Concert, and Toyota Park is really not “in” the city.  (I haven’t been to Toyota Park yet, but the location just doesn’t really appeal to me as a memorable concert going experience.)

Soldier Field might be another option, but I think it may actually be too big for a Phish concert.  But a double bill with DMB or Paul McCarney?  Maybe Wrigley is too small for that!