I’m an Idiot

So in my last post, I wrote about how I had to decide whether to  jump the gun on getting a new car, or sink money into repairs on my old car.

Turns out, neither.  If you recall, the problem was with the cooling system.  I called my friend Jim (who knows way more about cars than I do) and described the problem, and he said it might be the thermostat, which is not very expensive and isn’t too difficult to replace.  So, I started looking into options to get it replaced or do it myself.

However, yesterday morning it occurred to me that I never checked the coolant! Seriously, the first thing anyone, even the least auto repair-savvy person on the planet, would think of to check if their car was in danger of over-heating, I completely over-looked.  Of course, that’s all it turned out to be.  (Although, why the low-coolant light never came on to begin with is another question altogether.)

I guess the problem is, with as many miles as my car has, my mind automatically jumped to the worst possible scenario, especially considering that I’m already in the mind-set that I need to replace the car before anything major goes wrong, and I never even thought of the obvious.

Either that, or I’m just an idiot.


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