“Old Guy” Moment

This is one of those “You Know You’re Getting Older When…” posts.

So, I finally bought a new (well, used) car*.  On Saturday, I went to the bank to get a loan.  While I was going through the steps with the banker, at one point she asked for a second proof of ID, like my debit card.  But, what she actually said was “bank card”, and for a moment I thought she meant my bank ID card.  My first reaction was thinking “I haven’t had a bank ID card in, like, twenty years”.

Of course it only took a second to realize what she meant, and when I did I laughed a bit.  So, I had to tell her why I laughed, and then had to explain that some banks used to issue ID cards so that you could identify yourself to the teller when you went to the bank to get money out of your account.

Suddenly, I realized I was the old guy explaining how things used to work in the olden days before ATMs.

*I’ll post about the car later this week (or next) after it gets delivered.