It’s almost here…

This morning I noticed the scaffolding had been taken off the front of the building under construction at North and Halsted.  The logo on the front of the building was covered with a black cloth/tarp, but it was easily discernible.  I didn’t have enough time to get out my iPhone and grab a picture before the light changed (I’ll try tomorrow).

It won’t be long now.  Does anyone know if there’s a scheduled opening date yet for the new Apple Store?


New Apple Store

Managed to snap a pic as I was driving by today:


3 comments on “It’s almost here…

  1. There was nothing there before. It’s on the southwest corner of the intersection, next to the Red Line stop. (On the triangle-shaped parcel bordered by North, Halsted, and Clyborn.)

    Turns out, it’s already labeled on Google Maps:,+chicago,+il&sll=41.99083,-87.665338&sspn=0.008373,0.017681&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=W+North+Ave+%26+N+Halsted+St,+Chicago,+Cook,+Illinois&ll=41.911156,-87.647671&spn=0.002096,0.00442&z=18&iwloc=A

  2. The drawing of the building on the map is whatever was there before. (You can see the old structure in the satellite view.) The Apple Store pretty much takes up the entire space.

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