Batch #50

It’s Been a While

Wow. It’s been so long since my last post here I forgot my password! I am involved in a new music project, so hopefully I’ll have more to write about as things progress on that front. In the mean time, I thought I’d end the dry spell with some beer news.

Batch #50

This past weekend I racked* my 50th batch of beer. I didn’t notice the milestone until I logged the batch into the spreadsheet I use to keep track. Had I realized, I would have tried to do something special for this batch. As it was, it just ended up being a basic porter thrown together with left over ingredients from previous recipes.

Oh, well. It should turn out to be a decent beer, at any rate.

Batch #49

The batch before the 50th, however, turned out to be an amazing beer. I brewed a Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter. It was based on the Norther Brewer Bourbon Barrel Porter recipe, with some minor modifications.

The “barrel aging” is faked, of course. You take oak chips (or cubes) and soak them for a few days in a top quality bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark, as the recipe suggests), then add the wood and bourbon to the beer in the secondary fermenter.

The beer came out great, the best thing I’ve done in a long time. (This was welcome after this year’s Vanilla Porter did not turn out that great.) I took some to a holiday party last Friday and it was universally praised by all who tasted it.

Maybe I’ll hang on to this recipe for the 100th Batch milestone. That is, if I don’t miss that one, too

*Transferred to the secondary fermenter.


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  1. But but but say more about the music project… I’m dying to hear. Me, I’m doing a 6-week songwriting workshop with Peter Case starting in a couple of weeks.

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