Goose Island One Year Later

Over a year ago, the Goose Island Brewery was bought out by AB InBev.  This caused a stir, not only in Chicago, but nationwide in the craft beer community.  A recent article at the by Paul Schneider stirred up this old “controversy”.  I don’t have anything to add to what he said.  Go read his article, and his follow up on his blog:

The Honk Heard Around the World: Goose Island One Year After the Sale

Echoes of A Honk Heard Round the World: Revisiting the Sale of Goose Island

I would, however, like to expand on what I wrote about the sale at the time:

More on the Goose Island Deal

(This is from the comment I left on the article at Paul’s blog.)

In that post I wrote: “One of the things that’s bothered me with Goose Island recently is they’ve stopped releasing beers like their Oatmeal Stout, and the Hex-Nut Brown so that they could pump out more and more or the 312. If this deal allows them to ramp up production, to keep up with demand, of the 312, but still produce things like Oatmeal Stout and Hex-Nut Brown, then that’s good.”

And what’s happened since?  312 production has moved to other facilities, Hex Nut is back on the shelves (still waiting for the Oatmeal Stout), and Bourbon County will become a year ’round offering.  They’ve expanded their Barrel program and continue to experiment and innovate.

These are all good things, and none of this would have been possible without the AB InBev deal.  I can’t believe there are people who sill hold a grudge against Goose Island (and the people who work there).

I can’t wait to see what Goose Island does in the future.