Saison Season

If you’re a beer lover, summer may mean different things to you:  Light lagers and Hefeweizens are two common “summer” beers.  To me, summer is “Saison Season”.  (Minor language joke there, if you know your French.  If not, it’s not too hard to figure out.)

As such, I typically brew one or more Saisons during the summer months.  I thought I’d share the one I did recently, as it came out very nice.  This recipe is modified from one that I did last year, with the main change being conforming to the “single-hop” style of brewing.  Also, there’s more of a wheat base to this than originally planned.  This is due strictly to the fact that they gave me the wrong dry extract at the store, and I didn’t notice until I got home.  I didn’t feel like going back, and since historically “Farmhouse” beers would often be based on whatever grains the farmer had on-hand, I felt it apropos to go ahead and use it.

Something to note with this recipe is it took a long time to ferment.  Saison yeast can be lazy, and they certainly were with this batch; it took four full weeks in the primary to hit my target final gravity.  (I probably could have let it sit another week to end up with a dryer beer and slightly higher ABV, but I was getting impatient and just wanted to get it in the bottles.)  If you’re going to try this, I would suggest waiting two weeks before checking the gravity, then take a reading once a week until it gets down to where you want it.

Anyhow, here’s the recipe:

Single Hop Saison
16-C Saison
Size: 5.0 gal
Calories: 198.45 kcal per 12.0 fl oz
Original Gravity: 1.060
Terminal Gravity: 1.012
Color: 12.85
Alcohol: 6.3%
IBUs: 32.6


1.0 lb (12.4%) White Wheat Malt
.25 lb (3.1%) Munich 10L Malt
3.3 lb (41.0%) CBW® Golden Light Liquid (Malt Extract)
3.0 lb (37.3%) CBW® Bavarian Wheat Powder (Dry Malt Extract)
.5 lb (6.2%) Candi Sugar Amber – added during boil, boiled 60 m
2.0 oz (50.0%) Czech Saaz (3.2%) –  60 m
1 oz (25.0%) Czech Saaz (3.2%) –  30 m
1 oz (25.0%) Czech Saaz (3.2%) – 0 m
1.0 ea WYeast 3724 Belgian Saison™

Steep grains in 2 gallons of water at 155° for 45 minutes. Drain and rinse slowly with 1 gallon of 170° water. 1 hour boil, add hops according to schedule.  (You could probably do a 90 minute boil, using the same hop schedule.) Top off to five gallons and ferment warm (74°-78° F).

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