Call it Karma

Call it Karma was a Chicago based band with an eclectic sound steeped in folk, rock, jazz, and funk. With unique instrumentation, we brought a fresh sound to the stage using a stockpile of original tunes and several rejuvenated covers.

Call it Karma started in 2004 after the breakup of the band Dream in Color, following the departure of the lead member of that band, Don Hosek, for a new life in California. George Krueger, Erin Adams and Paul Miller decided to carry on and start a new band, and Call it Karma was born.

After playing a few open mics in and around Chicago, Call it Karma played their first “real” gig on September 25, 2004, with Dan Silver (who would eventually join the group) sitting in on a few songs. Former Dream in Color percussionist (one of several that the band had during its tenure) Jeremy Williams came out to see them play and soon after joined the group. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that Call it Karma would perform with their full line-up.

During their time together Call it Karma played several shows in Chicago and released a demo EP and a full length CD. In the spring of 2007 Erin moved to Arizona to begin a new chapter of her life. She was briefly replaced by Laura Coleman, and the band played only one show with the new lineup. Shortly after that Jeremy took on a new career and also moved away. While the band was searching for Jeremy’s replacement, they were confronted with the news that Dan would also be moving away.

Faced with the prospect of replacing nearly half of the lineup, the remaining members decided to close the books on Call it Karma and start anew.

Our full-length CD, “Days Go By”, as well as our original EP, “Basement Sessions” are available on

You can sample some tracks from Days Go By on our MySpace page.

Call it Karma was:


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