Phish to Play Wrigley Field?

There’s a blurb in today’s Chicago Tribune suggesting that Phish will play at Wrigley Field this summer:

Next for Wrigley: Matthews, McCartney, Phish?

While nothing is set in stone yet, it seems likely this will easily pass through approval.  I certainly hope it does.  I think, if Phish were to play Chicago, this is where they should.  Northerly Island is too small for a Phish Concert, and Toyota Park is really not “in” the city.  (I haven’t been to Toyota Park yet, but the location just doesn’t really appeal to me as a memorable concert going experience.)

Soldier Field might be another option, but I think it may actually be too big for a Phish concert.  But a double bill with DMB or Paul McCarney?  Maybe Wrigley is too small for that!


Moving – Part 5

Well, I finally switched the DNS for the domain over so it would point here. In fact if you’re reading this right now, you’re doing it at that address.

The only problem right now is, it appears the DNS is not fully propogated. What that means is that some people will still be sent to the old website. That’s not that big of a deal, but unfortunately since I set as the “primary” domain in the WordPress settings, some people trying to come via will actually be sent to the old website.

Oops. I guess I should have waited for DNS to fully propogate before setting it as the primary.

Oh, well. It should straighten itself out in a few hours. Until then, if I want to post anything I’ll have to do it from my iPhone, since the DNS server at work is still sending me to the old site.

Moving – Part 4

Well, I got the Call it Karma and Posters pages up to date. I don’t have as much flexibility here as I did with a hosted site running ExpressionEngine, but it gets the job done.

The only thing left now is to forward the domain so it points here.  I may wait until tomorrow, to give some of the people connected to the RSS feed a change to update their links.

Moving – Part 3, Housecleaning

Well, I had to go through all of the old posts that linked to other posts and fix the links.  Again, pain in the ass.

Didn’t I learn anything the last time I moved?  (Which was less than a year ago, btw.) At least that was only changing the domain name, but I still remember going through old posts to cleaning up links.

I still need to go through and clean up the posts that point to the old Call it Karma sub-domain.  I’ll have to create a CiK page here to link to first.

I also need to re-create the Posters page (a number of posts link to that, as well).  That one’s going to be the really big pain.

All I know is, it’s going to be a very long time before I move again!

Moving – Part 2

So, after importing all of the old posts into WordPress, a quick look through some of the posts made me realize something bad.  All of the posts with pictures in them pointed to a files hosted on the old site.  (Apart from posts containing pictures hosted on Flickr.)

That’s not good.

So, I had to download all of the pictures (via ftp, since there was no way to just go to the directory where they were contained) and upload them to WP.  Then I had to edit each individual post containing one of these pictures to link them to the ones I just uploaded.

What a pain in the ass.  I still need to go through the posts and find all of the ones that point to anything hosted on the old server that’s separate from ExpressionEngine.

Pain in the ass.

Moving – Part 1

In order to save on hosting costs, I’ve decided to move this blog to WordPress.  The first step was exporting the old entries from ExpressionEngine so that I could import them here.  (After, obviously, setting up an account on WordPress.)

This was not very straight forward, since there doesn’t seem to be an export option or plugin for ExpressionEngine to do this automatically.  However, following the directions here, I was able to do it with very little trouble.

There is one caveat, though, if you are trying to follow these directions.  For Step 3 it says “Click on “View” for the “index” template of the ‘export’ Template Group”, this is wrong.  In the Template Management screen I kept clicking the “View” link next to the template.  You need to go into the template itself and then click “View Rendered Template” to get this to work.

Once I figured that out, it worked like a charm.

The next step will be to forward the domain here, finally followed by moving the domain registry (just to keep things simple and all in one place).

Whither the Bandwidth Hog

One of the biggest argument ISPs seem to use against any sort of net neutrality regulation is the “bandwidth hog”.  Analyst Benoît Felten argues against the existence this phantom threat:  Is the Bandwidth Hog a Myth?

Here’s a great quote:

For those service providers with data caps, these are usually set around 50 Gbyte and go up to 150 Gbyte a month. This is therefore a good indication of the level of bandwidth at which you start being considered a “hog”. But wait: 50 Gbyte a month is… 150 kbps average (0,15 Mbps), 150 Gbyte a month is 450 kbps on average. If you have a 10 Mbps link, that’s only 1,5 % or 4,5 % of its maximum advertised speed!

He ends the article by issuing a challenge to telcos to supply him with data that he can analyze to determine decisively whether or not these “bandwidth hogs” exist.  Let’s start taking bets on how many take him up on the offer.

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Phish Announces HD Audio Downloads

The band Phish were one of the first bands* to offer their live concerts available for sale and download online the day after the performance.  Now, they’re once again leading the pack by offering HD audio (three times the definition of CD audio) downloads, starting with their upcoming Festival 8 shows.

I hope this becomes a trend with digital music, as personal storage space and bandwidth keep growing.  MP3 was developed at a time when hard drives were much smaller, and dial-up was still the norm.  Sacrifices in sound quality were made to obtain smaller file sizes.  Today, that’s no longer a necessity, yet the default standard in digital audio remains lower-quality file formats.  It’s time we moved passed MP3 (and AAC, even though it’s better than MP3, it’s still lossy compression) for better formats.

I do think their price point may be a little high (twice the MP3 price, one and a half times the FLAC price) for what the demand will be, but we’ll see.  I may download the Festival 8 shows just to see how good they sound (of course, the performances themselves are bound to be worth the download).

*They’re the first band that I know of that did this, but I can’t say whether or not they’re the first ever to do it.